50 Features Every Business Website Must Have

Why your business needs a website? Firstly, because your customers expect a site. 92% of people on the web are using search engines (78% of them seek information on buying products, 71% of them purchase a product). Then because it verifies your authenticity. A website is your chance to make a first impression. A professional website is only going to help boost your sales, even if you don’t sell products online. Then you’re always open. Consumers are always able to find information about your business and purchase things online, no matter what time of day. You’re constantly able to reach customers with new information. It builds your brand and reputation.

The following are the most important 50 features any company website should have:

  1. Header:

    • Easy to remember domain name;
    • A clean and professionally designed logo representing your business;
    • A tagline showcasing your company;
    • Phone number with click-to-call action;
    • Easy to recognise call-to-action button;
    • Readable top navigation;
    • Breadcrumb navigation.
  2. Above the fold:

    • Slider or hero image showing most important and differentiating point of your business or your main headline;
    • Critical company information (location, menu, etc.);
    • Testimonials and reviews.
  3. Below the fold:

    • Main features of your product or service;
    • Quality content written first for the user and then for the search engine;
    • Internal links to your other pages.
  4. Footer:

    • Contact details;
    • Business hours;
    • Social media buttons;
    • Optional chat feature.
  5. Internal pages:

    • Contact form;
    • Captcha;
    • About us;
    • F-pattern content;
    • Optional privacy policy;
    • FAQ;
    • Blog.
  6. Blog must haves:

    • Search function;
    • Social media share buttons;
    • Comments;
    • Sidebar.
  7. Other features to consider:

    • Links should be easy to recognise;
    • Clean fonts;
    • Responsive (mobile) design;
    • ‘Hamburger’ menu for the mobile site.
  8. SEO:

    • Automatic sitemap;
    • Easy to update titles and meta description;
    • Updatable URL structure.
  9. Hosting:

    • Fast and reliable servers;
    • Security;
    • Auto backup.
  10. Backend:

    • Content management system;
    • Cross browser compatibility;
    • Google Analytics;
    • Google Webmaster tools;
    • Optimised code;
    • Browser cache;
    • Rich snippets from schema.org
  11. Features to avoid:

    • Adobe Flash;
    • Background music and autoplay videos/audio;
    • Multimedia from your own server (unless it’s a security matter).

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